Maybe it’s the late nights, the lack of sleep, or the tendency to abuse substances at traditional colleges and universities. Or you could write it off to students who clearly have too much time on their hands for their own. Or it could be, as many students and faculty believe, that the spirits of the… Read More

With Halloween coming up in just a few days, chances are you’re going to dress up in something crazy, scary, or ridiculous and then go to work. Even though it’s tradition, you don’t want to go so far that you end up being the punch line of the office joke. So if you like where you work, and would like to stay employed there without everyone whispering “He’s the one who came to work dressed as a spleen last Halloween,” (what?) then you might want to consider these costume tips.… Read More

Halloween is getting closer, and I’ve got even more spooky stories from college campuses in my trick or treat bag. Last time, I was just playing around with stories of bumps in the night and benign Casper-like toddler ghosts. This time around, however, I promise scarier, more malevolent ghosts … here goes another serving of 5 fiendishly frightful forays into that phantom field of the unknown…
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