Bryant and Stratton College Online recently announced that it will begin offering a web-based tune-up class for medical administrative assistants. Officials said that the school will offer an online class to help medical administrative assistants stay current on the latest industry trends.The session will cover changes in different coding systems that are being enacted as… Read More

Everybody is talking about health care lately – whether it is in politics, personal finance or everyday life. Health – how to keep it, pay for it and preserve it – is a hot topic. And while we’d all like the perks of being a doctor, that path isn’t for most people. Trust me, my… Read More

Officials from Sanford-Brown, which is an education provider, recently announced its Community Link program. Community Link is a membership-based suite of on-campus and online resource giving students at more than 30 schools in the U.S. web-based test preparation tools and alumni access to continuing education activities. Officials added that this program will provide enrollees with… Read More

Advances in technology have combined forces with health care (and health care reform) to create a new kind of specialized education that promises to offer variety of exciting new careers. In the next 20 years these will be the areas in which the biggest career growth takes place. Wouldn’t it be nice to eventually be one of those people at the top in those industries? You can, by getting in on the ground level now.… Read More

Advanced nursing degrees are becoming more important in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, more hospitals are requiring nurses to make business decisions that affect patient outcomes, in addition to completing their established clinical and acute care duties. According to the American Sentinel University, as the current ecomony forces nursing facilities to downsize staff, more nurses are… Read More

2 out of 6 of their so-called “recession-proof” jobs actually were. One of those is at risk. That’s a 33 percent batting average at best. Not good odds. Funny thing? I haven’t been able to find any “recession-proof” job lists for 2009. Check out this list and see which ones are actually doing as well as predicted.… Read More

When health care workers give patients a diagnosis, they are careful to have a good bedside manner, not alarm the patient, and tell them in a way that shows them how they can heal from their injury or illness.… Read More