A new study found that five times as many high school and college students are facing anxiety and mental health issues than the same age group during the Great Depression. A psychological questionnaire from 1938 confirmed the belief among counselors that students are struggling with not only school but life in general more than in the past.… Read More

In Kiev, Ukraine a mysterious illness has torn the country apart. Authorities say it is swine flu but reports claim it is more virulent than H1N1 and Swine Flu has hit the population exceptionally hard. Some believe that is closely resembles Typhus or the pneumonic plague. As a result, Ukraine has introduced the strictest measures in the world on Friday to try and combat and control swine flu. There have been many deaths in the western part of the country.… Read More

As a young newlywed couple was driving through a forest in Idaho, a thirteen inch tree limb fell through the passenger window of the car and impaled Michelle Childers through the neck.… Read More

Boosted by healthcare reform, jobs in the healthcare industry especially are expected to explode in the next several months. Career experts are encouraging U.S. workers to consider jobs as nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, and anesthesiologists.… Read More

Instead of making dinner at home, it’s quick and easy to just stop and pick something up at the closest fast food joint. However, these delicious eats can have a large impact on your waistline. It is likely that the more you eat out the more weight you gain. Well, since eating out has been fairly often for me, I decided to explore and find out what was really in the food I was eating… Read More

Most ladies really enjoy having a night out with their girlfriends, particularly when they plan on going out to eat. The reason for this is that, when women are together, they feel that they can eat whatever and however much they want, removing the judgment they typically feel with male companions. In essence, they give one another permission to eat less healthy foods that are higher in calories. Women on average eat at least one hundred more calories and consume over 600 calories at a ladies night out.… Read More

When most Americans think of Africa, they think of starvation, drought, and disease. Ironically, this continent is now seeing obesity rates growing. The problem is due to the new lifestyles, and the idea that being large is beautiful.

Over one-third of African women and one-fourth of African men are believed to be overweight. The World Health Organization believes that the number of Africans overweight or obese will rise to 41 percent and 30 percent respectively within the next 10 years. … Read More