Are you thinking of going back to school to earn your high school diploma? Is your son or daughter struggling in a traditional high school environment? Not only do online high schools offer a great alternative to GED programs, but they may also help prevent unhappy students from dropping out. If you’re debating between sending… Read More

High School Computer Lab

Though just 113 high school students attend Notus Junior/Senior High School in the rural town of Notus, Idaho, the education they receive is nothing less than cutting-edge. The staff at Notus has learned to embrace technology, giving their students access to more than 130 online elective courses through Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA), allowing students… Read More

Southeastern Illinois College recently announced that a new program geared toward high school students will help enrollees earn college credit online, Carmi Times reports. Officials told the news source that the college offers three programs that can provide students an opportunity to earn college credit for a minimal cost, or even free of charge. The… Read More

Since budgets are so short the government is thinking about different ways to cut education funding without crippling it. They realize that many students are not prepared for college while others are. So dozens of high schools located in eight states are introducing and testing a program which would allow tenth graders to take tests and if they pass, they can graduate two years early and immediately enroll in community colleges.… Read More