Whether your considering an online college or a traditional one, you always want to consider the cost. And most of that cost will come from tuition. Depending on the college, that tuition can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars per semester to $70,000. For this very reason, it helps to know where schools offer… Read More

The rising cost of college has everybody scared. And I do not mean just students and parents. University administrators and government honchos are getting in on the hand-wringing, too. Yep, everybody’s looking for ways to get the cost college down. Thankfully, out of the weeping and wailing, some impressive options have taken shape. Starting in… Read More

Why is tuition rising so briskly at U.S.┬ácolleges and universities? It is rising faster than the rate of inflation, so we cannot blame that. So what is driving the tuition rate increase that’s taken hold of higher education since the early 2000’s? You might call it simple economics. Unlimited wants, limited resources. Colleges living beyond… Read More

How much does a bachelors degree cost? After four years of hitting the books, running between classes, and trying to make the grade, how much can the average student expect to spend for tuition, fees, a roof overhead, and food to eat? The short answer is, more than you might expect. The slightly longer answer… Read More

If you’re a student and struggling to pay the bill for tuition, housing, books, living costs this list might make you feel better. It seems like universities try to squeeze out of you every last penny they can get. Millions of students every year have to pay out the big bucks and many have to go into debt to earn their education. However, you’re tuition bill probably isn’t this bad. These are the top 10 most expensive schools in the United States and look at the hefty price tag they come along with.… Read More