Did you know that spring is one of the best times of the year to be looking for a job? In fact, any industry that operates on a fiscal year that ends in June or July starts looking for new staff just about when spring break begins. Check out these four industries that do the bulk of their hiring in the spring.… Read More

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No matter what your situation is – looking for a job, hoping for a better career, going back to school to boost your income – there is information available to make it happen. You just need to be what I’ll call a Job Detective. It takes some savvy, some smarts and some plain-old dumb luck… Read More

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When you are a minority, it’s not easy being hired by a diversity-focused company or attending a diversity-focused school. It is common to wonder if you were only hired for your race. It’s also common to wonder if your co-workers think you were hired for your skin color. Some folks, particularly those who feel disadvantaged by diversity initiatives, will even resent you for coming in the back door, so to speak. Needless to say, the shadow of diversity initiatives hangs over you.… Read More

Our director stood before the group to announce a new diversity initiative from corporate headquarters. “If two candidates possessed equal qualifications and experience and one was a white male and the other an underrepresented minority,” he said clumsily, “we would hire the minority.”

A gasp of shock went up from the group, which consisted of people of Ethiopian, Egyptian, Korean, Italian, Jewish, Danish, Hispanic, West Indian, Filipino, Irish, and German descent, male and female. … Read More

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