A psychology degree is something moms should consider pursuing if they haven’t already. Why? I believe moms would make excellent psychologists because if you think about it that’s one of a mom’s job descriptions at home. How so? Well, who do your children come to when they need advice or help in life situations? That’s right, mom. So, if you already have a psychology degree you are very fortunate because now you can even exercise your mom-pertise and expertise and really make a difference in your family’s life.

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More and more moms are finding that their dreams of becoming a stay at home mom have now become very far fetched. I mean, how can staying home with your children pay the bills and put food on the table right? Guess what? There is work at home options available to you so that you can make goals to still be at home with your children if this is what you desire.

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Navigating the business world is more complicated than ever. With ethics going by the wayside in favor of profits, it’s hard to know who to look as mentors. Donald Trump? Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? The Godfather? (Say what?) Tony Serri’s delightful book “It’s Not Personal. It’s Strictly Business: The Godfather Way of Surviving, Conniving and Thriving in Corporate America” doles out useful (yet amusing) business advice based on the characters from “The Godfather” movies.… Read More

Home improvement can be a fun, uplifting project for anyone interested in improving their personal environment. Whether it be a home project, creating a garden, or another project in the yard, new surroundings can help improve the energy and feel of your property. Quality home, yard and garden resources can help make your project a… Read More