Kindlon Hall of Learning at Benedictine University

In an effort to assist business-minded professionals, Benedictine University is now offering a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a concentration in Internet Marketing and an online Certificate in Internet Marketing at the graduate level. The flexible distance-learning program was created in conjunction with Market Motive, a leader in Internet marketing education—and is continuously updated—by… Read More

Considering all, I conclude that phone books and newspapers will be, in the very near future, a thing of the past. But other mediums I have yet to mention are magazines and the Internet. Young people still read, but not what their grandparents are reading. And last I checked, today’s average college student typically outlives the average grandparent.… Read More

Marketing online is a great way to reach a broad, yet targeted audience. One of the best ways to Internet market is to work with search engine optimizers.… Read More

Internet marketing and SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, are valuable tools for anyone with a website for their business. Internet marketing tools help web builders design creative sites, advertise their products and services, and sell to clients. SEO tools help web builders attract a larger amount of high-quality clients, in other words, clients who are… Read More