Job interviews are an odd ritual. You’re supposedly there to demonstrate your qualifications for the job, your likability, and your impeccable personal hygiene. And yet, beyond the expected Q&A, so much goes on behind the scenes. So much is implied. Both sides hold their cards as close to the proverbial vest as possible. Don’t underestimate… Read More

Resumes are to getting jobs what good looks are to getting dates. As such, you want to make sure your resume is attractive to potential employers. The purpose of this article is outline how you can create, beautify, and even airbrush your resume in order to make a lasting impression.… Read More

Since just getting an interview can often seem like a job in itself, you can go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back if you’ve landed one… However, now the hard work really starts… Now it’s time to actually land the job! The interview itself is the most difficult part of securing… Read More

How much emphasis do admissions committees put on grades when evaluating applicants? The truth is that grades and GPAs are good long-term indicators of an individual’s performance as a student. Grades do not necessarily reflect intelligence; however, they do show a student’s ability to produce good work — or not-so-good work — over an extended period of time.… Read More