Once you have completed your resume in a word processor program, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, it is time to get it into the hands of an employer. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Of course, before you do anything, save a copy of your resume as a file on the… Read More

For some, college is their first time holding down a job to make ends meet. These jobs range from the career-building to the retch-inducing, but they all add a notch to otherwise unadulterated belts of fledgling students. Here are ten possibilities you might consider to get your feet wet (and hopefully advance your career).… Read More

I invite you to take a peek into a typical weekday for me. Somewhere between the alarm going off at 5:45am and 5:45am the next day, things get a little… ummmm… FRANTIC! A beautiful and serene beach setting, the sound of the ocean, a gentle breeze, the sun warming my body, the fragrance in the… Read More

Avoid Costly Career Timeout

Some days, I’m the envy of my friends…I can work and stay at home with my kids. Now that they’re starting formal schooling, I also have the time to slip in a class or two when needed. But when I’m stressing over a deadline, I know most of them are glad they’re not in my… Read More

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Increasing numbers of workers are leaving their careers in the private or public sectors to make the world a better place. Some join existing non-profits or new growth organizations (NGOs), humanitarian organizations that use business for-profit models to help the needy. Some just start their own. … Read More

Why do people keep going into dangerous careers? Opportunities abound for people to get better, safer jobs. Higher education is more widely available than ever before. Anyone, with the right amount of determination and hard work, can get a better education and a better job. … Read More

In the last few weeks, I have noticed a troubling trend. It could just be my recession-phobic imagination, but it looks like the good jobs are disappearing. Sure, you can always find a job as a customer service rep in some call center or as a security guard scanning irate travelers at the airport. But what is happening to all the jobs for people who are looking for high salaries and challenging tasks?… Read More

I think it’s time to face the facts and admit we’re in a recession. Of course, this means there is a higher-than-normal chance that you could get laid off. I embrace the whole lay-off thing by providing this list of ten things to do with all your free time if you get laid off.… Read More