A recent Accenture study finds that 2011-2012 college graduates are struggling to find a place in the job market. Many are turning to further education to move up into the jobs they thought they were qualified for. For the details, just check out our new infographic below. To share it, please use the embed code… Read More

Many adults are heading back to school in an effort to stay competitive in the job market. As a result, some colleges are seeking to update their accreditation status to entice more students to choose their school. For instance, San Diego Continuing Education, which is a part of the San Diego Community College District’s adult… Read More

The job markets are down nationwide, with an estimated 15 million people currently unemployed and jobless rates at 17 percent in some states. Other states, however, are faring better than others. Your chances of finding or keeping a job in these states, although not ideal, are better than in others. To take advantage of these… Read More

If you’re looking for a job then there are several options you should consider. The job market is extremely difficult as more and more companies are laying off workers and few are hiring. Many unemployed individuals are wondering how to provide for themselves and their families but here are some tips that may help you land a job.… Read More

The California state government will begin laying off 20,000 government workers starting today in an effort to respond to falling tax revenues and a $42-billion budget deficit. So, it’s time to face the facts: government jobs are not secure. Government jobs, in the end, are paid for with taxpayer money. When a recession hits, taxpayer money goes down. The result: government jobs are just as vulnerable as other jobs. It just takes a little while longer.… Read More

In the last few weeks, I have noticed a troubling trend. It could just be my recession-phobic imagination, but it looks like the good jobs are disappearing. Sure, you can always find a job as a customer service rep in some call center or as a security guard scanning irate travelers at the airport. But what is happening to all the jobs for people who are looking for high salaries and challenging tasks?… Read More

A list of America’s Top 5 Fastest-growing Job Markets has just been released, which should get lots of recession-phobes ready to pack up the moving van and move to the promised land. One bitter irony: these once comfortable job markets become rather un-comfortable feeding frenzies.… Read More