With the 2012 presidential election still sounding in our ears, we have gotten a heavy dose of politics for the last ten months. At times, politics can be frustrating, unreal, a game of artificiality, dishonesty, and kissing up. And yet, politics are not only found in Washington or in the government office. Politics abound in… Read More

Holidays are great for jobs. In fact, whole economies rely on holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, and Mothers Day to survive. Well, Halloween is no exception. In fact, over the years, Halloween has grown from being a mere candy-fest to being a full-blown celebration of terror and bad behavior. With that growth comes jobs. Are… Read More

Finding a job is never easy, especially in the current job market. But LinkedIn offers some unique tools that make the job hunt a little simpler. Combined with the power of your network, this tool lets you find posted jobs, find contacts within those companies, and expand your network into those companies. Just in case… Read More

There’s no better way to increase your chances of getting a solid job after graduating from college than adding a good internship to your resume. Internships give you real-world experience and training even before you have a full-fledged college degree. This gives you a significant advantage over other college students who made be focusing solely… Read More

What is in a word? A whole lot, especially when it comes to your resume. As we have said again and again, hiring managers have only seconds to scan through your resume and their eyes are looking for words that stand out, words that tell them in a fraction of a second that your resume… Read More

Remember the old days when we used to have to actually go to employers to apply for jobs or read the classifieds in the paper and then call? Thanks to the Internet we can find jobs online, scope out and apply for jobs from our laptops. We can even network and get our foot in… Read More

I bet you never thought of business networking like a vegetable garden. Such an image seems far away from the dreaded experience of walking up to people and trying to convince them to be your friend so you can use them later to get a job. But, in actuality, networking is more than going to… Read More

You will often hear that chances for business networking are all around, and it is true. Technically, every person you meet is a potential member of your network. However, some places are better than others. As much as you may hear about how great social media is for networking, the more traditional venues tend to… Read More