If you’re looking for a job then there are several options you should consider. The job market is extremely difficult as more and more companies are laying off workers and few are hiring. Many unemployed individuals are wondering how to provide for themselves and their families but here are some tips that may help you land a job.… Read More

After those first three steps (Pump Up Your Resume in 6 Steps: Part One), your resume has been elevated to the Karate Kid level. It has some skills but is still pretty weak. These next three steps will elevate your resume to the Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris level of job-search butt-kicking.… Read More

Your resume is your first introduction to a prospective employer. A sloppy, flabby resume tells them it came from a sloppy, flabby person and soon finds its way into the circular file (that’s a trashcan, by the way). Before they’ve even seen how you dress, speak, or otherwise present yourself, your chances of getting that job have been narrowed to zero. For this reason, flabby resumes cannot be tolerated.… Read More