There was a time that college graduates spiffed up their resumes, printed them out, and searched the local papers for job opportunities. Then came along and resume submission became easier as graduates applied for jobs online. Recently, the popularity of social media has added another layer to the graduate job search. Graduates need as… Read More

Graduating from College

If you are a mom trying to talk yourself into returning to school or wanting to enter those college doors for the very first time, don’t stop trying to convince yourself.  Being able to graduate from college is such a tremendous opportunity which reaps so many rewards and benefits.  If you need extra convincing, here… Read More

Switching careers is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. But are you being rational about it? Before you throw in the towel on a perfectly good career, make sure you’re not doing it for all the wrong reasons. Check out these five reasons NOT to change careers.… Read More

Here’s your “Get Out of Jail” – or your sad closet – free card. When I think about spring, warmer weather and wearing shorts, I think shopping. And I think you need a new look. Every great woman needs to make a great first impression. Really, what do you think of someone who shows up… Read More

Spring is almost here – and it is the season of our discontent. And by that I mean women in the working world. And if you’re not there yet as a student, you soon will be. And if you’re like me, you will be surprised by the recent results of a survey of female professionals… Read More

Personally, I like putting my trust in the right places: my mom, good friends, a rock-solid husband. And I also love data. Lots and lots of it. Gimme some numbers, statistics, facts or figures and I’m a happy girl. (Granted, you need to check and double check the sources…but, that said, numbers are a good… Read More