Have you been out of work for a while? Are you getting desperate to find a job? Well, don’t get too frantic because there are actually jobs out there that are worse than being unemployed. Come along as I take you on a humorous journey where you meet four jobs that aren’t worth doing even in a bad economy.… Read More

Okay, so maybe you are feeling stuck in a rut in your current job right? I totally get it and have been there. A change in careers might be in the cards for you at this point but which career are you qualified to do? Maybe you are considering going back to school to pursue a specific career, one that you have been putting off for far too long. I say go for it! It’s never too late to start shooting for your dreams, and this means your career choice.

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In the midst of a mom’s busy and hectic schedule it is so easy to make simple or even large mistakes along the way like forgetting to pack your child’s lunch or forgetting a doctor’s appointment, etc. Gosh knows that I have done this countless times. How about you? I know I can’t be the only one, right? Well, these mistakes are forgivable but what about job resume mistakes? Unfortunately, employers won’t be so forgiving when seeing a “trashy” resume. As a matter of fact, if it does not look neat, professional, and impressive at first glance, most likely it will be pitched into the trash without a second glance. As a mom, I have learned that if I want an employer to notice my achievements, etc., I need to take time on my resume, it can be done. Let’s take a look at 10 resume mistakes that should most definitely be avoided on your resume.

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No matter what your situation is – looking for a job, hoping for a better career, going back to school to boost your income – there is information available to make it happen. You just need to be what I’ll call a Job Detective. It takes some savvy, some smarts and some plain-old dumb luck… Read More

2010 as many of us may know was still a pretty rough year for the economy. Many individuals were laid off or lost their jobs completely. Now beginning a new year, many are still unemployed and are unable to find a good job to support themselves or their family. Hopefully we will see a change this year allowing more jobs to become available… Read More

Looking for work? You might want to consider these four industries that offer good-paying jobs, even in an unpredictable economy. Although there’s no such thing as true job security you can at least stack the deck in your favor by choosing a career that offers a consistent (and even lucrative) paycheck. … Read More

Economists all agree that unemployment recovery won’t happen overnight. In the mean time, you need to make a living. How are you going to do that when jobs are scarce? Or are they? Even though unemployment is high, the job market for entry-level positions for recent college grads is looking up. But is this economic slump a good enough reason to switch careers midstream? Read on to find out.… Read More

In my previous post; “Financial aid for moms returning to school part 1”, I briefly talked about need-based financial aid such as FAFSA and loans and grants. Now I would like to take a brief look at Federal Work-Study and Non-Work-Study jobs… Read More

When we are children, our parents ask us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When you become an adult, that simple question can often be quite complicated. Here are 5 questions that should help you find the answer…… Read More