Much ado has been made about the strides women have taken in education. Those strides have been so wide and fast that experts are alarmed that men are falling behind. Also present in the data are strong incongruities. Although males perform worse than females on average in schoolwork, they routinely outshine their female counterparts on the SAT and ACT exams. They also get paid significantly more in the workplace for the same jobs. Here is a compilation of facts on the gender gap in education and the workplace.… Read More

According to “Measuring Up 2008: The National Report Card on Higher Education,” out of the 50 states, only one isn’t failing when it comes down to college affordability. California received the highest grade which was a “C” while the other 49 states received “F”s. The study’s results show that affordability is a major issue facing both young Americans and their parents.… Read More

The 3 Times You Should Re-examine Your Health Care Benefits

Representative Nancy Pelosi said that the health care overhaul wasn’t just about “health security of America; it’s about jobs. In its life, it [the health bill] will create 4 million jobs — 400,000 almost immediately.� So there will be many jobs available in the health care industry.… Read More

Picking a career that best fits you out of the thousands available can be difficult. If you are having a hard time choosing a profession, consider whether you want high or low expectations. In some careers, accuracy and efficiency are critical, but in others the expectations are significantly lower.   For the curious, here are… Read More

Job search sites have been on the internet for years. Millions of users visit these pages on a daily basis with the hope of finding an occupation. At the start of the recession, sites like and witnessed dramatic swells in traffic. In recent months, however, these job search sites have seen noticeable drops… Read More

Job interviews are an odd ritual. You’re supposedly there to demonstrate your qualifications for the job, your likability, and your impeccable personal hygiene. And yet, beyond the expected Q&A, so much goes on behind the scenes. So much is implied. Both sides hold their cards as close to the proverbial vest as possible. Don’t underestimate… Read More

When the economy goes sour, many unemployed U.S. workers are willing to settle for lemons. But some unemployed are learning to make lemonade, figuratively. These workers are using their job losses to springboard into a new career. If this describes you, we have a list of 5 steps, compiled by Elearning Network News, you can… Read More

The recent unpredictable economy has given many families a reason to worry. Fathers are having a hard time providing for their family and are looking for new ways to compensate. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, unemployment rose to 10.2 percent in October for adult men. Many employed and unemployed fathers are using this… Read More