“I knew I never wanted to be in that situation again, with some unqualified caveman breathing down my neck, telling me what to do, my career in his hands,” says Echols. “An MBA degree seemed to be the best way to avoid that scenario.”
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I started talking recession a year ago, back when all of the talking heads on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC were telling the American public things should be on the upswing by now. They predicted that it would never descend into a full-blown recession, just a little dip was all. I just want to take this opportunity to point out: I was right!… Read More

The displays of pent up aggression toward Millenials went on and on after a 60 Minutes article on the Millenial generation and their threat to the American workplace. Shame on 60 Minutes for discriminating against and generalizing an entire generation of diverse Americans. Shame on those who responded with such vehemence against Millenials.… Read More

Whether you are at a job you love, or looking to change careers, there are thousands of career and job resources available to help you reach your goals. If you are doing a job search, more options will mean more choices and a better chance that you will find a job that fits. The more… Read More

By now, everyone knows those so-called “recession-proof” job sectors by heart. Perhaps of more concern, however, should be those careers that are most likely to get hit hard by the recession. Here is my list of five job sectors to avoid.… Read More

Do you feel stuck in your current position in your career? The right training and certification can help you progress more quickly in the workplace. With many jobs, there is a lot of on the job learning. Other jobs get boring pretty quickly! Regardless of the situation, there are still some things that can only… Read More

Some of us thrive on helping others find the thrill of romance. They live to help even the most love-challenged of us find and keep that special someone. On this Valentine’s Day and in honor of these latter-day cupids, we present this list of careers in love.… Read More

It’s tough being a female, take-charge, gun-and-sword-wielding human weapon. Although this sub-segment enjoys a lax dress code and superior fitness levels, ninja femme fatales are plagued by excruciatingly violent deaths. Check out the top three causes of death for these tough working girls.
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Beyond the world of accounting, health care, or computer programming, lies a shadowy realm of flying saucers, undiscovered creatures, and restless spirits. Some people reject the typical 9-to-5 to venture into this realm and uncover the secrets therein. If you think you have what it takes, the truth is out there and you may be the one to find it.… Read More