Many community colleges and universities are entering articulation agreements in order to allow students in high-demand fields to transfer from a two-year school to a bachelors degree-granting institution. Under these agreements, community colleges are often able to offer the university's courses on their own campus, which allows students to stay closer to home while they… Read More

The National Labor College (NLC) recently announced that it will be offering three new online bachelor’s degree programs geared toward union members, leaders and staff.

Officials said that they will be offering online degree programs in emergency readiness and response management, business administration, and construction management. They added that students can complete these curricula in two years for less that $10,000.… Read More

Ashford University, an online school, recently announced an articulation partnership with Luna Community College (LCC). The New Mexico-based two-year institution is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The community college offers associates degree programs in nursing, business, technology, construction and law enforcement at its main and satellite campuses throughout New… Read More

Looking for work? You might want to consider these four industries that offer good-paying jobs, even in an unpredictable economy. Although there’s no such thing as true job security you can at least stack the deck in your favor by choosing a career that offers a consistent (and even lucrative) paycheck. … Read More

Throughout America’s history there have been thousands of criminals. In 2008, there were 2.3 million individuals behind bars. And approximately one in every 19 men in the United States is in prison or jail. At the beginning of America’s history England sent their criminals to America and America has always been a defiant country with rebellious citizens when they didn’t like the rules of the game. So that mentality has been passed from generation to generation. So not surprisingly America has had many criminals including the following seven so it’s a good thing there’s strong law enforcement.… Read More