Thinking of going to college, but you don’t qualify for scholarships, grants or any of the other free money so often associated with financial aid? Maybe it’s time to consider a college loan. Don’t worry, taking out a college loan is not the scary experience it used to be. Before you cross college off your wish list (due to lack of finances), get the lowdown on college loans.… Read More

Navigating the business world is more complicated than ever. With ethics going by the wayside in favor of profits, it’s hard to know who to look as mentors. Donald Trump? Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? The Godfather? (Say what?) Tony Serri’s delightful book “It’s Not Personal. It’s Strictly Business: The Godfather Way of Surviving, Conniving and Thriving in Corporate America” doles out useful (yet amusing) business advice based on the characters from “The Godfather” movies.… Read More

I remember going to the mandatory financial aid counseling session when I applied for loans to help me get through college.  They tried to scare you into not getting a loan at all with their gloomy projections of paying back the loan later. They seemed to glory in failure stories of people who just found… Read More