Nowadays, the prolonged recession and subsequent shortage of jobs has led many to gripe about how bachelors degrees must not be as valuable as they used to be. Some even wonder if bachelors degrees are so common that they’ve become devalued, diluted, and now occupy the spot that was once reserved for high school diplomas.… Read More

Graduate degrees are many things, but they are not easy and cheap. Truly graduate school is not easy for most students-not easy to get into or easy to complete. It takes work, so much so that holding a job to help pay for it becomes tricky. To top that off, some graduate programs cost more… Read More

Face it, most of us who have even thought about a graduate degree generally fall into two categories: those of us who want to earn more money and therefore are willing and committed enough to go back to school; and those of us whose career goals require the further education, such as a doctor, counselor,… Read More

Elms College recently announced that it will offer a master's degree program in business administration beginning next fall, The Republican reports. Officials told the news source that the program will be delivered in an hybrid format, which will consist of a professor conducting lectures in-person one week and requiring enrollees to finish online assignments the… Read More

Officials from Walden University, which is an online school, recently announced that it will begin offering a scholarship to National Education Association (NEA) members. The university will award 40 annual scholarships of $2,500 each to individuals who have provided leadership in public school education within an NEA-affiliated school. Officials said that the program was created… Read More

Indiana University Kokomo recently announced that it has received approval from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to begin offering a masters degree in nursing, Inside Indiana Business reports. Officials told the news provider that the program is set to begin in the spring 2012 semester. The school will partner with Indiana University East to… Read More