Doctorate degrees have always had an air of eliteness about them, what with the doctor title and all. Indeed, doctorate degrees represent the highest level of achievement in our modern education system. But not all careers for doctorate degree-holders are equal. For the extra years in school, some yield a far greater return on investment… Read More

Anthem College Online recently announced that the launch of a degree completion program for individuals who have already earned a medical assisting diploma. Officials told the news source that the associate's degree completion track for medical assisting enables students to develop the skills they need to advance in their careers or to broaden their employment… Read More

Everybody is talking about health care lately – whether it is in politics, personal finance or everyday life. Health – how to keep it, pay for it and preserve it – is a hot topic. And while we’d all like the perks of being a doctor, that path isn’t for most people. Trust me, my… Read More

Instead of putting out yet another tired reiteration of a “recession-proof” job list, I’m going to give you a list of jobs people will always need. If things got as bad as they could get, these five jobs would be the last to go. Considering our circumstances, that’s some decent insurance.… Read More