The Brandman Foundation recently announced that it will be funding a $2.1 million program to help military veterans have affordable access to higher education at Brandman University. The introduction of the Veterans2College program will focus on offering specially designed courses, student support and networking facilities for service members. Students will be enabled to take online… Read More

The Post-9/11 GI Bill will cover up to 100 percent of student costs such as tuition, housing, books and supplies. The amount depends on the state in which individuals attend school. For instance, an individual enrolled in a Texas school could be eligible to receive $28,126 a semester. An individual enrolled in Colorado would be eligible to receive $43,035. The VA has determined that individuals in Florida are eligible for up to $62,000 per term.… Read More

Joining the military used to mean postponing a college education. Now, however, thanks to online education, servicemen and women can earn degrees while they’re on active duty in the military. Growing numbers of service personnel are turning to online education while on active duty for the unique benefits it offers. … Read More