As you’re probably well aware, the expectations and achievements of women and mothers in higher education have changed dramatically in the last few decades. The strides women have made in closing the gender gap in both education and career have been well-documented in the news. Still, despite these advances, no one feels torn about going… Read More

Becoming a mom, for all its benefits, can limit your career choices. After all, you are typically needed for nurturing and looking after your kids in addition to your work duties. Thankfully, there are some very stable careers that fit very well with the mom lifestyle. Here is our list of five great careers for… Read More

In the current economic downturn, many households are looking for ways to bring in more income and pay their basic needs. This is especially tough for single mothers who are the only breadwinners for their households. Many of these long-suffering single parents are looking to college as a way to increase their earnings and future… Read More

As a mom that has gone back to school in the past and planning on returning in the future I can honestly say I have heard just a few negative comments regarding this decision.  Not to myself directly but to moms in school in general.  Here is one comment that made me cringe and may make you cringe as… Read More

As a mom in school, how would you rate your study habits?  Maybe your study habits were excellent before children but have found it to be a challenge now that you are a mom.  It’s okay, this is very normal but also manageable.  There are ways to get those study habits back but there is also a way to… Read More

Whether you are a single mom or a married mom currently in school you may know and understand that life can become just a little bit more full and sometimes, well, complicated!  After all moms in school not only  have to balance college studies around their personal life, they still need to raise their children,  hold a job, manage… Read More

Okay moms, I urge you not to become a college dropout.  Maybe you dropped out once and are returning but don’t stay out of the college loop.  Pursue that degree you have been talking about for so long. You can do it! I thought I would take a slightly different angle and display a list… Read More


If you are a mom enrolled as a new student this semester you are most likely trying to figure out how your budget is going to work out for the remainder of the year.  Maybe you are currently getting financial aid or a scholarship for returning to school but this will not stop you from… Read More