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Only you can answer this question openly and honestly.  If you love money and are financially minded, this most definitely is something worth looking into.  Upon completion of a degree,  you can apply for excellent jobs in this field. Types of careers in Finance Financial Analyst– Financial analysts according to the wise geek on,… Read More

It is the time of year when student loan and grant refunds are issued. Most students will receive refunds worth hundreds of dollars. Here are 10 suggestions on how to responsibly spend yours. Keep it in your college. Student refunds are automatically mailed out to the student. But you don’t have to have it this… Read More

2010 as many of us may know was still a pretty rough year for the economy. Many individuals were laid off or lost their jobs completely. Now beginning a new year, many are still unemployed and are unable to find a good job to support themselves or their family. Hopefully we will see a change this year allowing more jobs to become available… Read More

More and more moms are finding that their dreams of becoming a stay at home mom have now become very far fetched. I mean, how can staying home with your children pay the bills and put food on the table right? Guess what? There is work at home options available to you so that you can make goals to still be at home with your children if this is what you desire.

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Previously, I briefly discussed a few financial aid options for moms returning to school. Options such as need-based financial aid through grants and loans and Federal Work-Study programs and non-work-study programs are available. Now I would like to conclude with a look at Merit Scholarships and national and local scholarships for moms… Read More

In my previous post; “Financial aid for moms returning to school part 1”, I briefly talked about need-based financial aid such as FAFSA and loans and grants. Now I would like to take a brief look at Federal Work-Study and Non-Work-Study jobs… Read More

Looking for a way to pay for your college education? If you’re a military veteran your financial aid opportunities just got better as of August 1, 2009. Read on to find out about the brand new financial aid programs for our military men and women.… Read More