mother and child

Working women have come a long way from the days of when my mother was young. An orphan, my mother only went to school until the 4th grade. She can read and do basic math, but she was denied the full education that women today are entitled to. Once she reached the 4th grade, she… Read More

Mother's Day Wishes

As one  final tribute to Mother’s Day 2011, I thought it would be fun to list at least 11 wishes of a mother this Mother’s Day.  Okay moms you know that you have at least one wish you would like to see come true this Mother’s Day.  I am not alone in this am I?  I am… Read More

Attending to their childrens’ every needs, doing household work, joining the PTA, moms have a tough gig as it is. But, women’s college enrollment has increased from about 6 million to 11 million since 1980, and those numbers include many mothers trying to balance earning a degree along with their everything else they’ve got on… Read More

In honor of Mother’s Day I’d like to pay tribute in this education blog to the ultimate teacher: a mom. Even though we often go on to become big wigs in business, finance, science, politics, and education, we really can’t give college all the credit for our successes. To prove my point, I give you 10 lessons that only moms can teach us (because college is way too busy being academic).… Read More

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a very special time of year for those of us who still have mothers in our lives.  What about those who no longer have their mother with them?  I am sure and can imagine that this particular day alone is hard since it’s only a painful reminder.  I know that this is… Read More

Moms seem to have the magical ability to do fifty things at once while remaining calm and keeping a smile on their face. The truth is, Moms are under a lot of stress. Moms going to college are under even more stress. Mothers continuing an education set a good example for their children, and for… Read More

Mothers Day will be next Sunday and it’s the day we honor our mothers for their love, nurturing and the sacrifices they make to help us have a happy, healthy and successful life. Mothers of the college-bound go above and beyond by providing their kids with encouragement, help and financial support throughout the college admissions… Read More