Google the term ‘college‘ in March and you are likely to get a ton of search results about the NCAA basketball tournament, affectionately referred to as March Madness. It triggers office brackets and binge basketball viewing, even during work hours. In short, it pretty much takes over American culture. If you aren’t familiar with March… Read More

There are many reasons why the BCS is a flawed system, or in the words of many of my friends, there are many reasons why the BCS sucks. The first, and most important reason, has to do with the fact that the BCS, or Bowl Championship Series, doesn’t feature the best football teams. Instead, the teams that typically play in the series are chosen by computers, the ill-informed USA Today Coaches’ Poll and the equally-ignorant Harris Poll.… Read More

Sure, you have bulldogs, panthers, knights, and hawks. But not every school chooses a conventional mascot. In fact, some schools select rather unconventional ones and often for rather strange and unorthodox reasons. Here are ten of the strangest, in no particular order — except for the last one.… Read More