If you are getting your bachelors degree, we have one huge piece of advice: get yourself a mentor. From college campuses to boardrooms, everybody talks about mentors. Ask someone successful what their secret is and they will likely mention that they had great mentors to help them along the way. When you’re in your undergraduate… Read More

Every day, with every interaction, you are building or destroying your professional network. Everything you do is an act of business networking. Before you think I am just being overdramatic, think about how you treat your co-workers or your superiors, how you act while you are at work, how you react to pleas for help… Read More

You will often hear that chances for business networking are all around, and it is true. Technically, every person you meet is a potential member of your network. However, some places are better than others. As much as you may hear about how great social media is for networking, the more traditional venues tend to… Read More

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You may be thinking to yourself right about now: “How can a job fair truly benefit me?” If the truth be told, job fairs actually have an abundance of information from different companies that will allow you to submit your resume and establish contacts. It sounds so much better than going around from place to place submitting your resume and waiting for a follow-up. At least at a job fair you can check out what is available first.

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Are you in a funk because it’s taking longer than you thought to find a job? The competition is tough right now, but you can’t let that get you down. The only way you’ll find work is to stay focused. Read how millions of unemployed Americans are keeping motivated while looking for jobs, even though open career doors are hard to find.… Read More

When you’re in college, the last thing you might be thinking about is getting a job. But if you’re a savvy student, preparing for the job search will be at the top of your list. It’s never too early to start putting some irons in the fire and work toward that ultimate goal after graduation:… Read More

If you are considering college, or headed off to college in the fall, you should make friends with these people on campus: admissions counselors, financial aid officers, and current students. Why? Because these three groups of people can help you with all the aspects of navigating the college maze: 1. Admissions counselors It’s not secret… Read More

With the economy the way it is everyone’s suffering, which includes new and anticipated graduates. CNN interviewed a number of college students and asked them questions about their plans in the future and how they feel about the job search. Many are worried about finding a job so they are considering their options. Students are even looking for work right now in order to try and hit the ground running once they graduate but there optimism is draining by the day.… Read More

Web hosting services, internet service providers, web development companies and other computer and web-related businesses are becoming more and more essential as business transactions and social interactions are increasingly conducted online. Over the last few years, social networking sites, personal websites, blogs and other social media sites have dramatically increased in popularity, becoming an essential… Read More