If you’re a student and struggling to pay the bill for tuition, housing, books, living costs this list might make you feel better. It seems like universities try to squeeze out of you every last penny they can get. Millions of students every year have to pay out the big bucks and many have to go into debt to earn their education. However, you’re tuition bill probably isn’t this bad. These are the top 10 most expensive schools in the United States and look at the hefty price tag they come along with.… Read More

Most students cannot wait to get out of their parents homes and intotheir dorms. They will live on a co-ed floor, go to bed whenever they want or not. They can order pizza at anytime and leave their room as messy as they want. The dorm life can be very exciting for college students, but they need to watch out for 9 health hazards.… Read More

The Post-9/11 GI Bill will cover up to 100 percent of student costs such as tuition, housing, books and supplies. The amount depends on the state in which individuals attend school. For instance, an individual enrolled in a Texas school could be eligible to receive $28,126 a semester. An individual enrolled in Colorado would be eligible to receive $43,035. The VA has determined that individuals in Florida are eligible for up to $62,000 per term.… Read More