online course vs traditional courses

Online colleges have become all the rage lately, and why not? They seem to let you get the same education you would get on-campus except from the comfort of your computer. But both of these educational formats have their pros and cons. But how do you know how to pick the right one for your… Read More

Most students cannot wait to get out of their parents homes and intotheir dorms. They will live on a co-ed floor, go to bed whenever they want or not. They can order pizza at anytime and leave their room as messy as they want. The dorm life can be very exciting for college students, but they need to watch out for 9 health hazards.… Read More

“I knew I never wanted to be in that situation again, with some unqualified caveman breathing down my neck, telling me what to do, my career in his hands,” says Echols. “An MBA degree seemed to be the best way to avoid that scenario.”
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