Online high school is becoming such a viable option for students that it almost makes me want to homeschool. (Did I say that out loud?) Attending an online high school is becoming a growing trend with credible curriculum choices, enticing perks and yes, even social opportunities for the students. Here’s what you didn’t know but… Read More

In some ways, online classes are very much like traditional classes at traditional colleges. An instructor takes students through course material one topic and one lecture at a time. And as in traditional classes, online students are given homework assignments that they are expected to complete with each topic and exams to test their newfound… Read More

In 2012, tuition increases continued to outpace inflation at a rate of 4.8 percent. A post on the factors behind rising college tuition that we put out last summer recounted just how this cost continues to grow at such an alarming rate, driving away would-be students and whipping the remaining students into a frenzy. Yet… Read More

If you have never taken online classes before, the idea can be daunting. You know it is not like the traditional classes you took in elementary, middle, or high school. If you have attended college, you suspect online classes will not be like the college lectures you participated in, with a room and an instructor… Read More

If you have thought of earning a college degree, chances are you have considered taking online classes. And why not? Online classes promise flexibility and education from the comfort of your home office or library-anywhere you can get an internet signal on your computer. But where online classes used to be considered inferior to traditional,… Read More

So you are a new online student. You have heard all the marketing materials about freedom to take your classes when you want and where you want, in your pajamas or from the poolside. But you are about to discover that with all that freedom and flexibility comes great responsibility. Now, you are in charge… Read More

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College lectures used to be reserved for those who had paid the steep price of admission. Now, however, with the cost of attending college rising, universities are looking for ways to grant this knowledge to a wider audience without the exorbitant price tag. And the Web has proven to be the perfect place to do… Read More

Posing the heavily debated question among scholars today, Salt Lake City’s Deseret News recently questioned whether online learning is the “wave of the future or the demise of the academy?” The story, published June 25, highlights the experience of a Salt Lake City young adult and University of Phoenix student Trevor Hansen. Like the major… Read More