Left brain people are analytical and attack problems logically. Right brain people are out-of-the-box thinkers who don’t let little things like logic stand in the way of solutions. There are jobs, however, that utilized BOTH sides of the brain. Find out if YOU might be someone who prefers a career that exercise every nook and cranny of your cranium.… Read More

Stevens Institute of Technology recently announced that it will offer its first masters degree program in the school's 140-year history. Officials said that the institution's master's in technology, policy and ethics track will be offered on-campus as well as online through the school's WebCampus. The program is designed to give students the knowledge that is… Read More

Beginning in the fall 2011 semester, students from Northeastern A and M College (NEO), which is located in Oklahoma, will be able to seamlessly transfer to Rogers State University (RSU), according to news station KTUL. Officials have named the program UConnect, which will allow NEO students to complete a bachelors degree curricula at RSU either… Read More

Harrison College recently announced that it will offer a scholarship for working moms who wish to pursue a college education, the Evansville Courier and Press reports. Officials told the news source that the new scholarship is geared toward helping women who are working or reentering the workforce and have a child under age 18 at… Read More

Bryant and Stratton College Online recently announced that it will begin offering a web-based tune-up class for medical administrative assistants. Officials said that the school will offer an online class to help medical administrative assistants stay current on the latest industry trends.The session will cover changes in different coding systems that are being enacted as… Read More

With the rising cost of college tuition over the last two years a student is now expected to pay over $7,000 a year (on average) for the privilege of attending the public halls of higher learning. Here are some creative ways you can get around these ghastly tuition hikes without going eyeball deep into debt.… Read More

You might think the typical college student would be a recent high school graduate, attending a 4-year college, living on campus and entering under the general studies major. But do all college students fit into this category? Colorado Technical University (CTU) believes that everyone deserves the chance to get the education they need to improve… Read More

Officials from Capella University, which is an online school, recently announced that it has been invited to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) 2011 annual conference.

The conference, which is being held in Washington D.C., invites schools to discuss effective practices and progress on student learning outcomes. Capella University will represent online colleges during a roundtable examination of future plans for education.… Read More