Online courses are moving in. But that doesn’t mean traditional courses aren’t in your future. If you look at the news, online courses are well on their way to world domination. According to the 2012 study by the Sloan Consortium, which has been following trends in online courses since 2003, 32 percent of all higher… Read More

Let us be upfront about online courses: not everybody makes it. Sometimes, people fail to manage their time and their online courses fall by the wayside until they are forgotten completely. Other times, people procrastinate their classwork so long that it becomes unrealistic that they will complete all the required work, so they give up.… Read More

So you are a new online student. You have heard all the marketing materials about freedom to take your classes when you want and where you want, in your pajamas or from the poolside. But you are about to discover that with all that freedom and flexibility comes great responsibility. Now, you are in charge… Read More

We all like to test drive cars before we buy them. Some colleges who offer online courses are allowing prospective students to test drive their courses before they enroll. These test drives help students get a sampling of the online course environment and determine whether or not this type of learning would appeal to them.… Read More

Enlightening today’s higher education leaders on new technology, GoingOn Network vice president of client strategy Melissa Loble spoke at the EduComm 2011 conference at Walt Disney World Resort Hilton this week. The university business leadership institute conference, taking place June 13-15, featured various leaders in thought, innovation and expertise to offer their input and collaborate… Read More