Have you considered homeschooling your child? Well, you’re not alone. Homeschooling has been growing in popularity since the turn of the century. There are nearly 2.2 million children homeschooled in the United States today. Although homeschooling, which was once seen as socially detrimental, insufficient, and old-fashioned, is getting a big boost from online education to… Read More

Many top colleges have been quick to embrace online education. Others not so much. Well, as of April 22, we can add University of Florida to the list of colleges that embrace online education. Florida governor Rick Scott signed a new law on April 22 that allows for the creation of completely online bachelor’s degree… Read More

It might seem like online schooling is new thing, right up there with other new kids on the block like social media and mobile devices. But the truth is, online schooling has been around for at least 50 years-or at least the idea of online schooling has been. To give you a glimpse into how… Read More

So you are a new online student. You have heard all the marketing materials about freedom to take your classes when you want and where you want, in your pajamas or from the poolside. But you are about to discover that with all that freedom and flexibility comes great responsibility. Now, you are in charge… Read More

college study tips for studying at home

By consciously looking for ways to minimize or eliminate things that will interfere with your studies, you can carve out a quiet place where you can dig into those homework assignments and get things done. Here are five things to look for as you create your at-home study space.… Read More

Online Education has exploded in the last ten years and its allure is still on the rise. Why is online education so popular? For one, not only does it provide more flexibility for current students, but it also gives people who would otherwise reject the possibility of higher education a chance to learn and expand… Read More

As a mom that has gone back to school in the past and planning on returning in the future I can honestly say I have heard just a few negative comments regarding this decision.  Not to myself directly but to moms in school in general.  Here is one comment that made me cringe and may make you cringe as… Read More

As a mom in school, how would you rate your study habits?  Maybe your study habits were excellent before children but have found it to be a challenge now that you are a mom.  It’s okay, this is very normal but also manageable.  There are ways to get those study habits back but there is also a way to… Read More

Whether you are a single mom or a married mom currently in school you may know and understand that life can become just a little bit more full and sometimes, well, complicated!  After all moms in school not only  have to balance college studies around their personal life, they still need to raise their children,  hold a job, manage… Read More