what you need to enroll at an online university

Here at ClassesAndCareers, we receive a lot of questions about what it takes to sign up for an online university. Fortunately, enrolling in online classes is not too different from enrolling at a traditional school. In some cases, they are much less picky about your qualifications to study at their school and you can start… Read More

what to know before you talk to an enrollment specialist

So you’re at home. You’ve expressed interest in a few schools. Maybe you’ve requested more information or you’ve stopped by their office. Suddenly, the phone rings. It’s an enrollment specialist, and they want to talk to you about attending their school. First, take a deep breath. Second, get your thoughts straight. Most likely, if they’re… Read More

In response to the steady stream of new students who are signing up for online classes, the University of Kentucky continues to add online courses, reports the Kentucky Kernel. College officials told the news source that 29 new online offerings were added during the summer 2010 session, which included general education classes as well as… Read More