When I started college, I had two choices to pay for my schooling and incidentals and fun. First, I could get a job. Second, I could… Oh wait, I did not have another choice. If I was going to be able to go to school, I was going to have to work. In fact, in… Read More

fafsa on the web

In just a few short weeks (January 1), the 2011 FAFSA will be available online. Use that acronym, and parents and students start to cringe. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) causes fear and dread, much like the dreaded yearly IRS forms. But truthfully, the FAFSA is just an online form that you complete in order to qualify for federal financial aid and provide colleges with the information they need when determining your financial aid package.… Read More

As government faces greater deficits and tries to cut the budget one of the first things to receive cuts is education. The government is facing over 12 trillion dollars in debt so the government has decided to limit the budget spent on education. As a result teachers are receiving pink slips, class sizes are getting larger because fewer classes are offered, and the cost of tuition is rising as the government pays less and the students are forced to pay more.… Read More

Universities and colleges are still waiting for tuition payments for thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who attended school last fall. The new GI Bill is supposed to cover the costs if not most of them, but the government hasn’t paid these schools yet and many veterans are worried they won’t be able to return to school in January.… Read More

If you have been putting off going to college because of financial concerns, now may be the perfect time to get your degree. The government is making it easier to go back to school by putting more money into Pell Grants. As part of President Obama’s $600-billion stimulus package, this free money is more available to students than ever before.… Read More