Even for those with full-time careers, summer seems to beckon to people to break out of their usual routine, to do something unusual. Some opt for weekend getaways. Others for a good book by the pool. For the curious and those looking to increase their marketability, however, online courses provide a welcome adventure for the… Read More

Penn State Blue Band and Color Guard by Ben Stanfield

Penn State now has an online degree program created for engineers looking to move into management roles. Penn State’s new online master of engineering management program will equip experienced engineers with the business and technical skills they need to be effective managers of complex engineering projects. “Engineering students generally do not learn about business in… Read More

Penn State

Funding from the state of Pennsylvania is drastically lower at Penn State than other state universities, according to a new survey of state support for flagship universities. Based on figures from 2008, the Chronicle survey states Penn State received  $2373 per student from the state — less than half the amount every other state university… Read More