Politics is a fascinating career to be involved in. There is always some representative or president that spouts off their mouth and gets in trouble for it and then has to face the public’s rebuke. Because political leaders are always in the spotlight it’s necessary for them to have political science majors and PR experts on their team. Politicians like everyone else occasionally say some things that doesn’t make them seem very bright but that’s because they’re always in the spotlight.… Read More

America is a country that has had its share of political scandals. Since the founding of the country there have been individuals in positions in the government that have become corrupt or involved in some actions that were controversial. These are the top ten scandals that rocked Washington D.C. as well as the rest of the country in the 20th and 21st centuries. Some escaped legal actions or impeachment while other did not but one thing is for sure they didn’t escape the stigma or drop in public sentiment.… Read More