For anyone thinking about getting a traditional or online degree, student loans have never been a bigger topic.  Just for the record, student loans had already nearly double since 2007 and were greater than credit card or auto loan debt before this happened. Now, with the U.S. Congress failing to take action to prevent interest rates… Read More

We’ve all endured that awkward moment when someone does something so weird or obnoxious everyone just stands there and tries to ignore the elephant in the room. Unfortunately that’s when things go from bad to “OMG what the heck were they thinking?” So to help you deal with awkward office situations, we give you five of the most common human errors in (workplace) judgment and how to handle them.… Read More

Seeking Congress’ support, the White House is trying to renovate key parts of the No Child Left Behind education law, which has been in law for eight years. The Administration’s proposal would revamp the methods the federal government utilizes to evaluate public schools, tossing out a mandate that states add to the ratio of students… Read More

America is a country that has had its share of political scandals. Since the founding of the country there have been individuals in positions in the government that have become corrupt or involved in some actions that were controversial. Some escaped legal actions or impeachment while others did not, but one thing is for sure:… Read More

Hillary sought to beef up her foreign affairs credibility by telling a story of her visit to war-torn Bosnia. The best details of the story were a lie. Why we need to crack down on dishonesty…… Read More