Whether your planning on sending your child, or yourself, to college online or on campus, there is always one big question on your mind: How am I going to pay for all this? As you’ll see in our newest infographic, you want to start saving for a college education as soon as possible. No, seriously.… Read More

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When you start the college search process it’s easy to become overwhelmed and focus completely on the task at hand. First there are the visits, then you compare colleges, then you begin working on the applications that include the essay, and finally completing the FAFSA to qualify for financial aid. With all these tasks at… Read More

Since budgets are so short the government is thinking about different ways to cut education funding without crippling it. They realize that many students are not prepared for college while others are. So dozens of high schools located in eight states are introducing and testing a program which would allow tenth graders to take tests and if they pass, they can graduate two years early and immediately enroll in community colleges.… Read More