Everyone knows that getting a college degree can be academically demanding for students. However, not all degree programs are created equal, as some areas of study are far more challenging than others. While you should not choose your college major by the difficulty or the ease of its coursework, you should know what you’re getting… Read More


A psychology degree is something moms should consider pursuing if they haven’t already. Why? I believe moms would make excellent psychologists because if you think about it that’s one of a mom’s job descriptions at home. How so? Well, who do your children come to when they need advice or help in life situations? That’s right, mom. So, if you already have a psychology degree you are very fortunate because now you can even exercise your mom-pertise and expertise and really make a difference in your family’s life.

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Police arrested a California pilot for stalking his ex-girlfriend with his plane. The man repeatedly flew low over the woman’s home. After several passes over the home, over a dozen residents called police to complain. The Concord police officer arrested the pilot Tom Huey shortly after he landed the single-engine aircraft.… Read More