Today, there are numerous options for taking classes online. In fact, online education has become so popular that a number of institutions have begun offering online courses for free in virtually every subject you can imagine. That means that even if you don’t have the money to pay for a college education, you can still… Read More

Everyone knows that getting a college degree can be academically demanding for students. However, not all degree programs are created equal, as some areas of study are far more challenging than others. While you should not choose your college major by the difficulty or the ease of its coursework, you should know what you’re getting… Read More

George Fox University, which is located in Oregon, recently announced that it will be offering a bachelors degree for adult learners who wish to complete their education. Officials said that the social and behavioral studies (SBS) program will help enrollees learn the stages of human development, identify issues in delivering services to special populations, study… Read More

Mercer County Community College (MCCC) recently announced that students can now register for spring semester classes that will begin at the end of February, reports.

Officials told the news providers that students can take courses on subjects such as business, education, children’s literature, philosophy, psychology, history, computers and sociology, among others. Furthermore, these classes are offered on campus and online through the school’s virtual college.… Read More

Hispanic mother helping daughter with homework

So, last night I had to read a bunch of Psychology material. That was for my Psych class as I am back in school! I was repeatedly interrupted because my little girl, who is in the 5th grade, was having some diffulty understanding her homework. She was struggling with the concept of common denominators. No… Read More

More adults have turned to online colleges to finish their education and earn a degree. California Southern University (CalSouthern), an online school, announced this week that it will sponsor the distance learning page of the Social Psychology Network website. The institution’s goal is to continue to encourage individuals in the psychology field to return to… Read More

In an effort to advance distance learning methods in the psychology field, California Southern University has announced a partnership with the website Social Psychology Network. The agreement states that the school will be the exclusive sponsor for the distance learning education page on the site. College officials say that the objective of this partnership is… Read More