Sometimes the colleges and universities of the public imagination are huge places where tens of thousands of student flock to earn their degrees amongst the crowd, lost in thousand-seat lecture halls. But the numbers say that very few institutions of higher learning have more than 7,500 students enrolled at any given time. The fact of… Read More

In an effort to increase enrollment numbers in online education courses, officials at Purdue University recently announced plans to expand the university’s distance-learning program. Purdue student enrollments in online-learning classes totaled about 8,200 in 2009-2010, with 35 percent in courses originating on the Purdue campus. The university is working hard to augment those numbers. “Our… Read More

Purdue University, which is located in Indiana, recently announced that it will expand its distance learning program beginning next fall, Valpo Life reports. Officials told the news source the student enrollments in online learning classes were estimated at about 8,200 during the 2009-2010 academic year. They added that 35 percent of students in web-based courses… Read More