Student loans were created as financial aid to help those who might otherwise not be able to afford college to reach their educational goals. But what happens when the job market goes sour, everyone turns to college to fix their career problems at the same time, and they need student loans to make it happen?… Read More

According to a study released by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, in May 2011, only 56% of college graduates in 2010 were able to find a job after graduation, as compared to the 90% of graduates from the 2006/2007 class. This statistic alone shows the sign of how hard… Read More

America can rest easy tonight–the Recession is over! It has been since June 2009. Unfortunately, this good news feels more like a slap in the face to the millions of un- or under-employed.… Read More

You are still falling. And, unless something changes, you are going to get very hurt or die when you hit the ground. Ridiculous, I know. But that is exactly what we are expected to swallow in the reporting of unemployment figures. The Associated Press is reporting today that “first-time claims for unemployment benefits dropped to a seasonally adjusted 444,000 last week,” down 7,000. … Read More

When the economy goes sour, many unemployed U.S. workers are willing to settle for lemons. But some unemployed are learning to make lemonade, figuratively. These workers are using their job losses to springboard into a new career. If this describes you, we have a list of 5 steps, compiled by Elearning Network News, you can… Read More