Job search sites and blogs, including Education Today, make a big deal about your resume, about toning that document into a interview-grabbing machine. However, before we even discuss resumes or interviews, we should talking about what you should be doing in the workplace to have a great resume. After all, if you do not perform… Read More

WARNING: The following post is not for people who are creating a resume for an industry like, say, Healthcare, Construction, or Investment Banking. If you break out of the norm and do something crazy in these types of industry, your resume will be passed over. So please only implement these the following tips if you… Read More

Once you have completed your resume in a word processor program, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, it is time to get it into the hands of an employer. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Of course, before you do anything, save a copy of your resume as a file on the… Read More

If you’ve finished your Education section as directed in our post “How to Write the Education Section of Your Resume,” you’re ready to create your Work History section. Nothing is better proof of your skills and abilities than past work experience. That’s why, if you have some work experience under your belt, this will be… Read More

If you have completed your Objective (which is optional, by the way) as outlined in our post “How to Write Your Resume Objective,” you are ready to start on your Education section. One of the goals of your resume is to show employers what you have done with your time. This is certainly the case… Read More

If you have composed your resume header as outlined in our post “How to Write Your Resume Header,” then you are ready to start on your Objective. An Objective is a one- to three-line statement that tells why you are submitting your resume to the organization. As we mentioned in our post “How to Format… Read More

As you sit down to write your resume, you will want to be aware of the importance of formatting. If you format your resume correctly, it will be easy for the employer to skim through it and see your best attributes. However, if you format it incorrectly, it will be too cluttered or confusing for… Read More