Earning a college degree is crucial to ensuring career success. However, these days, you do not have to travel thousands of miles to attend school. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last decade, you have probably noticed that college classes (and the degrees they lead to) can be taken online, as… Read More

The Federal Government has released the latest data on employment and wages. The news on women’s wages is disheartening but not new: women must work for 16 months to receive the amount of pay their male co-workers (performing the same tasks) make in just 12. Women With College Degrees Women with college degrees, on average,… Read More

Thinking of going back to college, but wondering how you’re going to pay for it? Before you do something crazy (like give up on your dream) check into employer-subsidized financial aid. Many companies offer assistance, but don’t make that fact well known. Read on to find out how you can learn more about college tuition aid from your employer.… Read More

interview lies

Turns out 23% of all job seekers lie at some point during the interview process. However, studies show interviewers value integrity over lack of experience, so is lying really going to land you that job? Not if you’re caught. Here are four common lies to avoid during your interview.… Read More

According to a recent study published by the College Board and Art & Science Group, LLC, many families are unrealistic about covering the cost of an expensive college education. Many students admitted that paying for the education at a more expensive university would put a financial burden on their families, but they were still willing… Read More

Even though 151,000 people went back to work in October, employment growth is still slow. To make ends meet many are taking minimum wage jobs while going back to school (or just to bridge the gap). If you’re considering a low-paying job, we’d like to share some minimum facts on minimum wage.… Read More

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Deciding if it’s time to leave your job can be nerve-wracking, especially if it has a REALLY BIG cushy paycheck. However, just because you don’t despise going into work doesn’t mean your current employment is right for you. If you have a job that’s about as rewarding as a foot fungus check out our career happiness guidelines to see if you should stay put or go.… Read More