Are you going fishing this summer? Many fishing enthusiasts will be casting their lines to snag that big bass or reel in a huge marlin. You can cast your scholarship line this summer and land some big bucks to help with your college education. There is nothing quite like that FREE money to make your… Read More

Attending to their childrens’ every needs, doing household work, joining the PTA, moms have a tough gig as it is. But, women’s college enrollment has increased from about 6 million to 11 million since 1980, and those numbers include many mothers trying to balance earning a degree along with their everything else they’ve got on… Read More

Officials from Walden University, which is an online school, recently announced that it will begin offering a scholarship to National Education Association (NEA) members. The university will award 40 annual scholarships of $2,500 each to individuals who have provided leadership in public school education within an NEA-affiliated school. Officials said that the program was created… Read More

Harrison College recently announced that it will offer a scholarship for working moms who wish to pursue a college education, the Evansville Courier and Press reports. Officials told the news source that the new scholarship is geared toward helping women who are working or reentering the workforce and have a child under age 18 at… Read More

Western Governors University, an online school, recently announced that it plans to extend the Economic Turnaround Scholarship Program into the 2011 academic year. The scholarship program is geared toward helping those who were recently hit by employment lay-offs to return to college and obtain a bachelor’s or advanced degree. College officials said that nearly 150… Read More