When it comes to finding money to pay for college, we hear a lot about grants, but scholarships are just as helpful. Like Pell grants, they do not have to be repaid as long as stipulations are met. Unlike grants from the federal government, however, there are thousands of different kinds of scholarships and they… Read More

When you are considering going for a bachelors degree, one of the first questions that comes to your mind is how you will pay for it, because, face it, all four of those years of bachelors degree education does not come cheap. Fortunately, bachelors degree-holders have more financial aid available to them than any other… Read More

If you have ever tried to use the Internet to find college scholarships, you know that you have two choices: you can seek out each scholarship individually using Google or Bing, or you can use sites that compile information about scholarships into one place and allow you to search through them according to different search… Read More

Fortunately, for students heading off to college, or those that are currently enrolled, there are several different sources of money to choose from to cover the tuition, books, room and board and other costs of college. Does the students’ academic success depend on who pays for their college—be it themselves, parents, scholarship or financial aid?… Read More

Are you going fishing this summer? Many fishing enthusiasts will be casting their lines to snag that big bass or reel in a huge marlin. You can cast your scholarship line this summer and land some big bucks to help with your college education. There is nothing quite like that FREE money to make your… Read More

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Walden University, which is an online school, recently announced the availability of four new scholarship programs through its Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership. Officials said that the scholarships were created to help foster the next generation of higher education professionals. Specifically, one program within the education field will allow students to specialize… Read More