Many colleges are designing scholarship programs for service members as a thanks for serving the U.S. These are also to give veterans an opportunity to earn a degree outside their military training. These grants often extend to a dependent, who can get a leg up on their postsecondary education and leave the institution without any… Read More

Many military service members are returning from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are seeking to earn a degree to move onto the next phase of their careers. As a result, schools are making a concerted effort to accommodate these individuals by offering new scholarship opportunities and online courses.… Read More

Grantham University recently announced its 60-year anniversary of providing education to working adults. The online school offers fully accredited degrees in many high-demand fields, such as business management, computer science, criminal justice, engineering technology, information systems security and nursing.… Read More

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If receiving financial aid is the key to attending college, you might want to look at your college’s financial aid footprint. Every college reports the statistics related to their financial aid profile. These statistics can tell you how generous they are with their scholarships and grants and also the percentage of students who receive help… Read More

Previously, I briefly discussed a few financial aid options for moms returning to school. Options such as need-based financial aid through grants and loans and Federal Work-Study programs and non-work-study programs are available. Now I would like to conclude with a look at Merit Scholarships and national and local scholarships for moms… Read More

Colorado Technical University announced that, in celebration of Veterans Day, the school will award 25 wounded service members and 25 spouses of wounded service members with scholarships. The university has partnered with the non-profit Yellow Ribbon Fund to offer the Wounded Warrior Scholarship to those who suffered injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq. Furthermore, spouses of… Read More