Western Governors University, an online school, has launched a new scholarship program with AT and T for members of the Native American community. The program is designed to help Native Americans in 19 U.S. states earn a college degree by providing 30 scholarships valued up to $5,000, courtesy of AT and T. Eligible applicants must… Read More

The Bryant and Stratton College is now accepting applications for the new Pay It Forward Scholarship program for its online school. Those who receive the scholarship are also given an additional financial aid package to give away to someone else. The program will award ten recipients full-tuition scholarships for an online associate's degree program. Additionally,… Read More

Now that you have a plan in place to further your college education you may be wondering if your wallet can even survive the demands of finances that college can bring. This can be a scary and stressful thought at the same time but please don’t let this discourage you.… Read More

What is FREE money for college? It’s money that you receive to finance your college education that doesn’t have to be paid back. This comes in the forms of grants and scholarships. Government grants are available to those who qualify based on financial need. Scholarships are available to anyone and can be found to fit… Read More

Having a college education is extremely important in today’s world. A degree is linked to higher wages, better jobs, and even job security, so it’s important to go to school. The problem is that not everyone can afford to go to college, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from going. There are many financial aid options… Read More

With a tight economy and an unpredictable future, many people are looking for alternatives to paying for college out of their own pockets. More and more students are applying for scholarships to help ease the large financial burden. ClassesandCareers.com, an online resource to help students and prospective students outline their educational and career goals, offers… Read More

Officers in the armed forces are making education a top priority to deployed soldiers. “Knowledge is power. If a Marine takes advantage of education opportunities while they’re in the military, it will make them more competitive within their military occupation specialty and in the civilian workforce,” Gunnery Sgt. Anthony Forbes, says. The military offers help… Read More