Ironically, the slump in the economy has motivated people to re-examine their work situations (even if they’re still employed) to figure out if they’re in the right jobs in the first place. But in doing so you have to be careful to determine between a temporary unpleasant work environment (due to the economy) or the need to jump ship and find a new career. Here are four questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you’re currently in the right career.… Read More

Previously, I briefly discussed a few financial aid options for moms returning to school. Options such as need-based financial aid through grants and loans and Federal Work-Study programs and non-work-study programs are available. Now I would like to conclude with a look at Merit Scholarships and national and local scholarships for moms… Read More

In my previous post; “Financial aid for moms returning to school part 1”, I briefly talked about need-based financial aid such as FAFSA and loans and grants. Now I would like to take a brief look at Federal Work-Study and Non-Work-Study jobs… Read More

Looking for a way to pay for your college education? If you’re a military veteran your financial aid opportunities just got better as of August 1, 2009. Read on to find out about the brand new financial aid programs for our military men and women.… Read More

Most likely you are considering returning to school in the New Year but one major thing is holding you back. How much is it going to cost? I know that for me, I would love to return to school but can my wallet truly survive such a transition? At the time when I was a college mom I only had 1 child. Now that I have three the idea seems far fetched. Fortunately moms, financial aid is available for us to achieve our goals this New Year.

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Thinking of going back to college, but wondering how you’re going to pay for it? Before you do something crazy (like give up on your dream) check into employer-subsidized financial aid. Many companies offer assistance, but don’t make that fact well known. Read on to find out how you can learn more about college tuition aid from your employer.… Read More

According to some information I recently skimmed through, I was pretty surprised to read that cramming has its advantages. Really? Does it? Well, I will honestly say I have never been one to cram as I feel overwhelmed when I do, but the fact of the matter is as busy moms there may actually be times that we do indeed need to cram but I never thought there would be any advantages to except maybe a decent grade if I am lucky.

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Colleges promise to prepare us for the job market, help us find satisfying careers related to our majors, expand our knowledge, and give us the guarantee of being a well-rounded individual upon graduation. These are all lofty aspirations and valid reasons to pursue a higher education. But, many attend college for all the wrong reasons.… Read More

You’re forced to work in a job you don’t like. That doesn’t mean you have to rot in cubicle hell. To help you make it through your workday, we offer six ideas to jumpstart your brain into thinking up new and creative ways to stay motivated in a job that doesn’t thrill you.… Read More